2007-09-17 09:45:38

why vTiger is a great CRM

In my previous post I listed everything that sucks about vTiger. This time I'll point what makes it a great CRM.

  1. It's fully opensource! You'll be able to modify it as much as you want and there's a bunch of plugins -made by the vTiger community- ready for download!

  2. Outlook integration. I admit it's not perfect but the source code of this plugin is available on sourceforge ;)

  3. Adding a field to a form is -almost- easy as 1 2 3! You can easily add custom fields thorugh the administration panel.

  4. You don't have to start writing a CRM from scratch. Everything you need is in there!

  5. Very user-friendly interface

And that's all I could find... I just had a quick look at the other Opensource CRM' options there are and vTiger will be the best option out there if you want to be able to modify your CRM's functionality and want all the basic functions already incorporated.