2007-12-08 17:03:14

Website annoyances

  1. snap.com pop-ups when you hover over an external link in a news/blog post. They are just as annoying as pop up ads telling me I have won a trip to the sunny beaches of Hawaii! If I want to see the website, I'll click on the link.

  2. Advertising fest. Place your ads wisely or make it seem like they aren't ads. Adding them wildly across your page distracts me from actually reading your content. Not to mention, most of these ads are loaded off-site and increase your website loading time.

  3. Your website uses AJAX/AJAH to load in big chunks or all of your website content. Making it impossible to bookmark a page.

  4. I cannot see whether a piece of text is a hyperlink. At least have the decency to give it another color, making it bold or underlining it.

  5. The contrast between your text and the background colour is too high or too low. For example... pink on baby blue or dark gray on black.

  6. "We are working on this page" or "Under construction". Preferably with an image that has the text "Don't worry, Homer is on the job, man!". If your website isn't done, don't put it online or at least hide the pages that aren't done.

What can annoy you when browsing a website? Leave a comment!