2009-10-02 22:26:04

Fun With Fake Facebook Accounts

Here's the chat log of my fake facebook account with another fake facebook account... read carefully ;) Anna is the scammer, Jessie is me... Of course I changed the names!



10:59pm Jessie

11:14pm Jessie

10:59pm Anna
how are you

10:59pm Jessie
how's my little porn star

10:59pm Anna
do you like me

11:00pm Jessie
come on, at least put an effort in your fake pictures
how many of these profiles do you own anyway?

11:01pm Anna
how many do you have ???

11:01pm Jessie
ehm... you don't answer a question with a question, bimbo

11:02pm Anna
fuck you

11:02pm Jessie
are you like one of those african scammers? or a polish one?
just out of curiousity
cause otherwise i don't see the reasoning
you're not trying to spam
so there must be some reason

11:02pm Anna
Im not from Africa

11:02pm Jessie
or you're ugly... so... where are you from, bimbo

11:03pm Anna

11:03pm Jessie
ah... what's the reason for the fake profile?
spam? money? fun? you're ugly? :P:P

11:05pm Anna
My real name is Mumet El Baroudi . add me as freind . & you well se my picture .

11:06pm Jessie
you're from farawayistan...

11:06pm Anna
how do you know

11:06pm Jessie
i read your profile... hah
anyway... doesn't matter... how come you're faking profiles?

11:07pm Anna
to get a chips . from Poker
you are so cute and butiful Jessie

11:07pm Jessie

11:08pm Anna
realy you are

11:09pm Anna
i just ask an agly men to gave you chips . then they give you a millions . coze Im soo sexy . you know

11:10pm Jessie
haha, yea... they're prtty dumb... but at least find a different picture... this one is too obvious

11:10pm Anna
hehe ok hun

11:11pm Jessie
you can use those poker chips for changing into cash? or just online?

11:12pm Anna
just on line to play

11:12pm Jessie

11:13pm Anna
i add you as freind on my real profile . plz confeirm me . ok

11:13pm Jessie

11:13pm Anna
see ya there

11:14pm Anna
you have a very nice face

11:14pm Jessie
hihi... thanks :)

11:14pm Anna
i lve your stile

Making a long story short, even the scammer is an idiot!