2014-01-27 07:47:34

Errors setting up Jetty 9 on Ubuntu 12

Ran into a few problems (ERROR: JETTY_HOME not set, andĀ Starting Jetty: FAILED) after attempting to set up Jetty on Ubuntu 12, since sharing is caring, find my solutions below.


Also see this tutorial on how to set up Jetty 9 on UbuntuĀ http://pietervogelaar.nl/ubuntu-12-04-install-jetty-9/

Oh, and on an unrelated note. If you are having issues with your SOLR installation giving a 503. You might want to check whether your logging libraries are actually available in lib/ext.

cp /opt/solr-4.6.0/example/lib/ext/*.jar /opt/jetty/lib/ext/