2007-12-15 16:20:18

All cities of Belgium with postal code and GPS location

Although, to you foreigners, it may seem like there is not going to be a Belgium in the near future ...

For a project of mine, I had to find a database that contained all cities of Belgium with their postal codes and GPS locations (longitude & latitude). Since I couldn't find such a database (or I had to pay too f***ing much) I decided to create one myself.

Since I'm such a commie, I've decided to share this database with anyone that needs it! Please refer to this page to download the database. At this time it's only available in Dutch. Maybe some day I'll take the time to translate it into english. Maybe some cash would make me work faster? Send your donations to PayPal address: thomas@rdlt.com ...

Download database of all cities in Belgium with postal code and GPS location!

Download een database met alle steden in Belgiƫ met postcode en GPS locatie!