C# Diff with Unified Diff Support, this codebase is a port from the popular JS library jsdiff by kpdecker.

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NCalc is a mathematical expressions evaluator in JavaScript/TypeScript. NCalc can parse any expression and evaluate the result, including static or dynamic parameters and custom functions.



An easily accessible and informative drinking/clubbing/event platform for both local users, expats living in the city and a kind of “holiday social advisor” experience for anyone passing through the city.

Only available in Hong Kong.

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  1. Playstudios Asia2015 - Present

    Development Lead

    As a development lead at Playstudios I was responsible to maintain all web apps, both client and internal facing.

    • Coordinate development and sprint planning with internal and external clients.
    • Translate user requests into actionable tasks or stories.
    • Write technical implementation specifications.
    • Provide technical guidance and integrations of partners’ systems.
    • Guide and train team members on best practices in web development and API design.
    • Develop high-performance web applications and APIs in NodeJS/AngularJS/Vue/React/C#/.NET.
    • Establish workflows and UX to user interfaces.
    • Work closely with global offices to increase productivity by setting development standards and knowledge sharing.
    • Train team members in best practices, unit testing, performance testing, and soft skills.
    • Apply S.M.A.R.T goals and S.B.I, ensuring the performance of the team.
  2. 2012 - 2015


    During this period I worked as a software developer and senior consultant on small and large scale web and mobile-based projects in Asia and Europe. On behalf of consultancies, I worked with clients such as the Wall Street Journal, AIA, New World Development (http://nwd.com.hk), and Chow Tai Fook (http://chowtaifook.com). My duties included defining web architecture, communication with internal and external stakeholders, quality assurance of coding, general IT support and project management to ensure on-time delivery. Other responsibilities:

    • Write and maintain unit tests to ensure proper handling of customer payments and other transactions.
    • Develop and design API endpoints in languages such as NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, ...
    • Develop front-end applications and web interfaces that connect to JSON or XML APIs using frameworks such as AngularJS, Flux + React JS, and Backbone.
    • Expand functionality on a backend for the administration of rental phones. Including, but not limited to, invoicing, contracts, phone tracking, Paydollar.
    • Oversee and direct internal/external teams, ensuring timely delivery of projects.
    • Project references: https://benzinga.com https://dohahamadairport.com https://www.nwd.com.hk https://www.chowtaifook.com
  3. Cap Gemini2011 - 2012


    • Convert and support existing non Drupal websites to Drupal powered websites.
    • Provide Drupal, PHP and general web related support.
    • Continue working on the contract for the national broadcasting company (VRT) due to specific request of the company.
  4. VRT2008 - 2012


    • Provided general support for the websites related to the national broadcasting company. These websites Responsible in monitoring the status of the websites such as making sure that the downtime is minimal or if possible none as well as optimizing the existing standard drupal version and applying new features.
    • Work independently with the internal customers. Take up requests, follow up on progress of tasks, and act as a representative of the development team.
  5. QueroMedia2005-2008

    Technical Team Lead

    • Responsible for developing, supporting and managing several web based applications.
    • Led a team of five (5) web developers and closely coordinated with the other departments of the company in able to cater to their needs and requirements.