Bad time management

I just read a post concerning time management and I must say my boss wouldn’t be too happy with most of these suggestions…

wee woeeee fire truck

1. Don’t check your e-mail first thing in the morning.
From now on, I’ll ignore every top-priority e-mail that has been sent to me and read them before I go home. Then I can forget all about it while I walk to the bus stop and wait in the blistering cold for a bus that’ll come an hour late.

2. Commute by taking mass transit or carpooling.
Yeah, with all those friendly people on an overcrowded bus and winter coming up, I really look forward to getting up in the morning.

4. Don’t respond to e-mails as they arrive

What are you saying? Your house is on fire? Well, that’ll just have to wait, I’m really busy cleaning our brand new firetruck!

5. Don’t personal e-mail at work.
One of the few points I agree on…

7. Don’t read papers, e-mail newsletters or distributions lists.
I have better things to do than listen to what people are saying around me. I have work to do? Quickly scanning through an e-mail will surely save me more time than getting into a discussion with one of my co-workers.

9. Leave meetings when they are over due.
Screw you boss I’m going home, over due meetings is where I draw the line.

10. Ignore the phone
Oh yeah they called. Someone’s house was on fire? Yeah could be, but it seemed like a waste of time to pick up the phone… I did clean that new fire truck again.

Either way, Ravi made a good attempt at listing things that are a waste of time but it’s just not that simple as we all wish it would be.

3 thoughts on “Bad time management

  1. Ravi

    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don’t have a malevolent intent here, though the tone of your post makes me think otherwise.

    Not all of the tips I wrote will apply to everyone, but many of them DO WORK if you actually try them. Did you try any of them or are you making assumptions?

    I’ve spent years in a high stress corporate environment, and if they work for me, I’m sure they’ll work for others.

    As for your comments, of course I approved it. I have them moderated and they get screened a few times a week. Once you’ve been approved once, it’ll be instant the next.

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